18 August 2007

Stitches Report, Part 3

I took a couple of pictures at the market, but you just can't really capture what it's really like. Everywhere you look are wool, books, patterns, garments, buttons, and people.

At the Woolstock Yarn Shop I picked up a bag of Noro Kureon and a ball of Night Lights, which is a glow in the dark yarn. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that but it seems to be calling my daughter's name.

I then moved on to Just Our Yarn where they had a beautiful shawl displayed. It's called the Maple Tree shawl and it's made with Almaza yarn (which is 100% tencel) and beads. If my brain hadn't been in a melted condition I would have taken a photo. You'll just have to wait and see how mine turns out.

My last purchase was a book called Cast On, Bets Off. It's a knitting mystery and since I am a sucker for both, it was an easy call.

I'll leave with this photo, which shows some lovely ladies who were sitting on the floor just outside of the marketplace. I'm sure they were planning their next knitting adventures. Say hello to Mel, Ami, and Mea.

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