07 August 2007

Why So Much?

So I've been plugging along on the Einstein coat. It's one of those projects where you just follow the instructions because what you're making doesn't really look like anything until you sew the seams up.

We went shopping yesterday to get my son some new school clothes. He's a big guy and the only places that sell his size are the Big & Tall kind of stores. Now I know that being larger means that they have to use more square inches of fabric, but I don't think that really makes up for the fact that his clothes are ridiculously expensive. We got a few shirts and a couple of pairs of pants and it cost more than I spend on clothes for myself in a year. (And no, I'm not counting the cost of wool in there because it isn't clothes when I buy it :-) Today we will outfit the no longer broken girl. Hopefully we can pull this off for less than a mortgage payment.

P.S. I Kinneared my daughter at lunch, but she knew what I was up to.

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