28 August 2007

That's a Back?

Yes, that is what the back of the Celtic Icon looks like. While it does look a little like a sweater for a Sandhill crane, it helps to know that the top part there will be turned into a hood when all is said and done.

We had a little homegrown entertainment last night. Since it was a school night ( I still love those words... school night) Daughter needed to take a shower. For reasons that I still don't fully understand she decided that the bathtub in her bathroom was not sufficient. She decided that the only place in our home that she could get clean was in the grownups' shower (we have no tub in our bathroom.) I didn't see what harm could come from letting her, so in she went. About 15 minutes later Dracula Son came upstairs to tell me that it was "leaking like crazy" in the basement. After alerting Husband to the potential catastrophe I went downstairs to see what the problem was. Had last week's rainwater somehow come in? Was there a problem with the washing machine or hot water heater? Nope. In the laundry room it appeared to be raining. Water raining down from above. What's above the laundry room you ask? The bathrooms, I answer. First I looked in the kids bathroom. Nothing there. Then I went in my bathroom. Daughter was sitting on the floor in my shower enjoying a bath. A bath? Yes a bath. She had placed a washcloth over the drain so that the water could accumulate and she could have a bath. In my shower. Which she needed to use because she didn't want to use her BATHTUB. She may have learned her lesson though; she was required to finish bathing in the kitchen sink.


MadMad said...

OMG! That is too funny! We had a similar incident with my daughter, but only because of an old house/bad grout and a poorly-placed shower curtain. Your "reason" was WAY better. Great story!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Oh that is hilarious...the kitchen sink????? You can keep that little gem in your back pocket and use it later on.