20 August 2007

Regularly Scheduled Programming

Life after Stitches is something of a letdown. No one goes walking past wearing a nifty costume, there are no beautiful displays of yarn to ooh and aah over, and there are no guys in green shirts who come in after everyone is done and clean the place up. Life would be better if it were Stitches all the time.

I've made some good progress on the Celtic Icon. The back is nearly finished, although after it's done you keep working the cable panel for another 18 inches to make the central piece of the hood. I will admit to a bout of idiocy a little earlier in the back. After the Great Cat Yark Incident I made a copy of the pattern and put it in a page protector. (Do you see the door slamming shut on an empty barn like I do?) I made sure to carefully highlight all of the relevant number for making my size. When I got to the increases I then totally ignored the hot pink numbers and just went with the first one I came to. Luckily I discovered my mistake after only about 30 rows. *sigh*

I am not anticipating a lot of knitting time in the next day or two.
The shed has been sitting empty for nearly 2 weeks so this past weekend Hubby decided it was time to start moving things. He spent all day Saturday working in the garage and carting things around back, then yesterday he left for a week in Washington state. The garage now looks like this ->. Since it's supposed to continue raining for the rest of the week, it would be nice if we could get one of the cars back into the garage. I see much cleaning in the future unless I can manage to track down those guys in the green shirts.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Sigh... I know what you mean...if you find those guys in green shirts send them to my house when you are through with them. I told my neighbour once that I'd be able to keep my house clean if my kids stayed at her house.

MadMad said...

Humph! Men! Always starting "projects" and leaving them for the wimmins to finish.