23 August 2007

They're Baaaack

I'm sure mothers everywhere will understand why I did the happy dance yesterday. There she went, at 8:15 onto the big, yellow, happy, bus. It was quiet in the house for 6 whole hours. I cleaned up the living room and IT STAYED CLEAN! I knit for a whole hour and no one came in wanting to play. I know that I should feel at least a little down that my baby is away from home for so long, but I couldn't shake the Alleluia chorus in my head. I should note that the graduate was home, but his summer hasn't ended yet and he's living on vampire time, so you have to go out of your way to interact with him.

As I mentioned a few days ago I picked up Cat Bordhi's new book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters, while I was at Stitches. The basic idea is that instead of making the insole shaping on the sides of your feet, you can really put them anywhere. We are instructed to make two little socks as our first projects so that we can learn her way of writing the patterns. The pair on the left are called the Little Sky Socks, and the pair on the right are Little Coriolis. There are some very cool socks in the book, so I'm now deciding how best to use my Socks that Rock. I'm also wishing, for the first time ever, that I had the colorway that's in the book for at least one pair.

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