01 August 2007

A Fun Way to Spend the Day

Alas, it is hard to find time to knit when you are busy turning this <- to this ->. I'm not entirely sure how the no longer broken girl managed to get into her bed. I wouldn't normally clean her room for her, but last night Daddy told her that she would not be able to watch any TV or play any computer games until her room was clean. He then left for work early this morning leaving we-all-know-who to deal with the enforcement of his proclamation. The little beauty didn't get off scott free though. I gave her the option of either cleaning or reading. Not being stupid, she chose the reading option.
Even though I did not have time to work on it today, I do have my effort from last night to show. Yes, I'm forging ahead with the Celtic Icon, even though there are some sleeve length issues. After mulling it over I have decided to wait and see just how bad they are when sewn in. If they are truly too long I'm going to *take a deep breath* cut off some of the sleeve length and knit the 2 row seed stitch border. I've actually performed a similar maneuver when my darling daughter cut into the ribbing of a sweater several years ago. Hopefully this sweater was designed for a T-rex and the sleeves will actually fit me just right. I'm such a dreamer.

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Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Gorgeous sweater...but then I am partial to cables. I've actually met Fiona Ellis....she came to do workshops at my local knitting guild. On thing she did say was that when they knit for the models for the pictures in magazines, the sleeves are knit longer than normal(they seem to have longer arms than the rest of us.). I guess I'll never be a model...my arms aren't long enough.