06 September 2007


The knitting is finished and the blocking has commenced. I didn't find any helpful errata on the web so I took the side panels apart and did them myself. Everything went for a swim in cool water and a little Soak. It's been lightly pinned out and has a a ceiling fan and a table fan blowing on it. Next will begin the most dreaded stage of sweater making; the sewing up. This particular sweater is going to be even more fun than usual owing to the side panels and the zipper that needs to go in. This is a frequent stalling point for me. I have a lovely sweater coat that's finished with the exception of putting on the button band. It's been languishing in the UFO basket for about a year, and all it needs is the button band to be sewn on. I truly dislike the sewing up.

While the Celtic Icon bits are drying I'm working on Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks from Cat Bordhi's book. Sock 1 is coming along nicely. What you see over there is a side view. The ribbed portion is the back of the foot and the angled portion is where I'm increasing over the instep. The colors are working out quite nicely. These should be good wearing-with-jeans socks.

Son came home from his first day of real classes at the American Academy of Art. His first class was Life Drawing, and sure enough they had a nude model. I didn't ask him how much giggling went on, but I'm sure he behaved with aplomb. He showed us his work and I was actually surprised at how good he is. You have to keep in mind that all we usually see from him are demons and mechanized warriors. Of course Daughter put it all in perspective when she came over, took a look and announced, "That's Gross!"

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