13 September 2007

Ends, Ends, and More Ends

Everything I have so far has been sewn together. All that remains is to knit the two sides of the hood, sew them to the center cable panel, put in the zipper and weave in 20,000 ends. Well perhaps not 20,000. The total is probably somewhere closer to 30, but that's still a lot of ends to deal with. Have I mentioned that the finishing is my least favorite part of this process. That's why I love Wonderful Wallabys. When you're done you have 2 seams of 6 stitches to graft together. I can deal with that.

For those of you who expressed personalized concerns that I might be feeling a little achey, rest assured that today I can walk up and down the basement stairs without holding on to the railing or leaning on a wall for support. To anyone looking for a good investment I regret to say that the massive purchases of Aleve have stopped, so you missed the bubble on Bayer HealthCare.


SusanKnits said...

The sweater looks lovely -- just remind yourself that it will look even better without dangling ends. I dread finishing, too, but once I start it never takes as long as I think it will. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished!

MadMad said...

I am so glad you made it safely through the roofing! The sweater is absolutely gorgeous, and will be worth doing in all those ends. (I hope you're keeping it, though, and not giving it away. It's way too nice.)