07 September 2007

On the Road Again

It's beginning to look like a sweater. I have 6 of the 7 pieces sewn together, just need to put on the second sleeve and then finish the hood. I tried it on last night after getting the first sleeve in and I think the length will be OK. The sleeves will be a little on the long side but not too much. I'd rather have slightly longer sleeves than too short anyway.

That's all for today as I'm about to drive to Detroit to help my brother reroof his house. With luck I will be back late Sunday night with no broken bones or fresh puncture wounds. Brother's new toy is a pneumatic nail gun, so we'll have to give it a test drive. One of his construction buddies showed him how to bypass the safety but I think he was wise enough not to listen. My brother is the walking embodiment of Murphy's law. It's a miracle that he's survived as long as he has.


rupestur said...

That sweater is ::magnificent::!!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

The sweater is looking good and I'm sure that you'll be pleased with the end results.

I hear you about guys and power tools. DH asked for a dremel tool bit for sharpening a chain saw blade....not sure if I want to encourage this!!!!!

MadMad said...

Wowie-wow-wow on that sweater. It is tres fabulous. I can't wait to see it on! So envious! Hope everyone made it through the nail-gunning weekend unscathed!