01 September 2007

Technology is Great

Appologies for not posting, but we've been having connection problems. It seems that our router was manufactured by the Peter Paul company. Some times it feels like connecting, sometimes it don't.

This is Moose. He greets people at our front door for us. He is holding the front panel of the Celtic icon sweater. There’s a problem with it. I know when I made the back I needed to start doing some shaping at 14 inches. That coincided nicely with the end of a pattern repeat. So when the instructions for the front said to start shaping at 14 inches I thought to myself, “Good, I just need to make the same number of pattern repeats. I don’t need no stinking ruler!” Excellent plan, Kathy. The truly smart thing would have been to count the number at that point. But I didn’t. Then when I started the front I assumed that I would recognize when I had 14 inches of knitting done. Turns out I’m not such a great estimator of length. After 4 repeats (of 28 rows each I might add,) I looked at it and said, “Nah, that can’t be long enough,” and went along my merry knitting way. After the 5th repeat I thought, “This is it. I’ll just measure and be sure.” It turns out that “it” was actually the end of the 4th repeat, not the 5th. This afternoon I’ll be jumping in the frog pond. Anyone care to join me? The water’s great.

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Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I just love the moose....he's just too cool. Seems we both are having to dip into the frog pond...you because of measurement issues and me for mysterious increases.