18 September 2007


It's amazing how quickly a person's life can go from 0 apd to 90 apd (that's activities per day for those who aren't up on my newly created acronyms.) Sure I was busy during the summer, what with people breaking arms, traveling, wanting me to play with them during every waking hour, but I didn't feel like I was on a 1200cc motorcycle hurtling towards a cliff at top speed. There are deadlines rushing towards me, there are things to prepare for that are completely neglected, there are people who live in my house that I haven't seen in days.

The upshot of all this is that I have no new knitting news. I have finished weaving in ends, but I'm waiting till the zipper's in to take the Ta Da photos. My sock is feeling very neglected and the donate pile is wondering why I haven't fed him lately. I'm going back into the photo archives to pull out pretty things for you to look at because I've accomplished nothing in the last week. This is Daughter winding her yarn shortly after Stitches:

This is (from tallest to shortest); Brother, Me, Daughter, Nephew, Niece at the Laughing Whitefish Falls which we visited in July.

And lastly, something to help me remember why I need to enjoy the beautiful days that we are having now. This is coming, and it's coming sooner than I want...


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Oh Kathy...you make me feel so ashamed of myself....here you are being so faithful to your sweater. I feel like such a floosie with my many WIPs (and we won't go into any numbers)

Hmmm maybe I'll just cast on something new and perhaps the feeling will go away.

MadMad said...

The falls look beautiful. I have to say that while I do think fall is beautiful, it is too busy - I prefer winter, where you have the excuse of tons of snow to not have to go outside and do stuff. But that's just me, probably.