22 September 2007

Fickleness, Thy Name is Kathy

I finished my Bartholomew's Tantalizing Sock from Cat Bordhi's new book. It's made out of Socks That Rock in the Ms LaRock colorway. I think this might be the best fitting sock that I've ever made for myself. I also think that my neighbors may be calling in the gents in white coats after watching me wandering around in the back yard trying to find a good place to lie down, put my foot up in the air and take pictures of it. This may be one of those things the muggles just don't get.

I must tell you though, in the spirit of truthfulness, that there is very little chance that Bart's partner will see the light of day anytime soon. You see, yesterday I was sitting innocently in my living room, working on Bart's toe (which is the only change I made. It's got my favorite tapering toe rather than the star toe called for in the pattern) when the mail came. We got some bills, some catalogs, some credit card offers, and... what's this? A big envelope from Interlacements. **heart starts beating faster** I know what this is. This is my first care package from the Interactive Sock Gang. I wasn't even tempted to not open it. Bart's buddy will have to wait. Inside was a bundle of wool and the pattern. This is a pretty good reflection of the colors, excepting the part that looks blue is actually much more purple. This morning I got out the swift and winder and discovered that the wonderful Judy Ditmore even thought ahead for us and sent 2 small skeins rather than one big one. After winding I now have two lovely little balls of heaven waiting for me to cast on. The pattern is for toe up socks, which I have never done before, so this will be a good opportunity to learn some new stuff.

One final note regarding the health camp I was bragging up last week. If you are interested in taking up roofing as an exercise regimen you will have to find your own workout area. The gym I was using closed roofing operations on Monday morning. As far as I know the only casualties were a few pairs of gloves and one shirt. No one fell, was punctured, or received any hammer wounds above and beyond the routine blisters and banged up thumbs.

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Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Talk about temptation.....There is no way that Bart can compare to brand new yummy sock yarn.

I totally understand the picture thing. My front deck has been my photo studio for the past little while. The appearance of men in white coats will be nothing more than a muggle misunderstanding.